Is it flexible? How do I put it on?

The case is made of aluminum, so it only bends a little. In order to put the bracelet on or take it off, you should pull out the sliding USB connector, and unbend the piece where the connector is mounted. (The USB connector is used as the bracelet lock). Also the bracelet may bend a little along the edge, beyond the plank with the S letter. This part is very flexible and it softly holds the upper and lower parts of the bracelet to the user's arm. That's why the bracelet doesn't cut off circulation, yet its also difficult to forget you aren't wearing it or have it fall off with out you noticing. Our prototyper hasn't had their bracelet fall off, even while running fast.

Are these screens really flexible? Do they work at the same time?

Yes, these are the experimental samples of flexible screens. The first prototype featured monochrome screens. The up-to-date bracelets, that are scheduled for mass production in December, 2013, feature color screens. The upper screen activates as you raise your hand, when you make a gesture similar to checking the time on a watch.. The lower screen only activates if you turn your hand with the lower screen upwards.

What's Battery life like with all of this high-performance hardware?

The prototype features a 2500 mA/h battery, which allows for 2 days of intensive use or up to 7 days in power saving mode. The battery capacity for the High-end version of the bracelet will be increased to 3000 mA/h batch.

The OMAP 5 processor hasn t appeared on the market yet. How can you have them in your devices already?

We have an agreement with Texas Instruments, the manufacturer of the OMAP 5 processors. TI has shared production information regarding the OMAP 5 with us. Our circuit and software design will be able to take full advantage of the OMAP 5 and they will be included in the first production run of the bracelet .

I don't see a plug for headphones. How will I use it as a phone, since sometimes it isn't convenient to use speakerphone?

The bracelet actually uses wireless connections for everything, not just the headphones. While out original design had wired headphones and re-charging ports, we decided that wires just get in the way of people with active lifestyles. Wireless headsets can control both call and music playback functions and their sound quality isn't any worse than wired headphones. Enjoy the freedom from tangled wires that your bracelet will give you.

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